Finance videos

Time Value
and the Financial Calculator

Time Value and the Financial CalculatoreLEARNABOUT Videos is pleased to present instructional videos that will enable your students to master the use of their financial calculator.

The videos are designed to supplement classroom instruction.

Topics Include:

  • The students will acquire an understanding of how to use the finance settings and functions of their financial calculator.
  • The students will develop the ability to analyze financial problems.
  • The students will be given applications and examples problems using a step-by-step approach.
  • Common mistakes are addressed throughout the videos.
  • The videos are presented by renowned teacher Gerard T. Olson, Ph.D., Professor of Finance, Villanova School of Business.
  • The videos are available using the TI BA II Plus and BA II Plus Professional Calculators as well as the HP 10BII and HP 12C Business Calculators.
  • The videos can be used with any undergraduate or graduate Finance course.

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Each video consists of approximately 90 minutes of instruction.